Chimborazo Prefecture supports the readjustment of the electrical infrastructure in Chunchi communities

The Chimborazo Prefecture, in conjunction with Empresa Eléctrica Riobamba S.A., supports the readjustment of the electrical infrastructure and the installation of public lighting in the Yaute and Pacucansha communities, belonging to the Capsol parish of the Chunchi canton, benefiting 210 families. With this work, the economy, security, and a better lifestyle are promoted, strengthening the development of agricultural, livestock, industrial and academic activities of the inhabitants of the south of the province.

“Thanks to the support of the shareholders, who approved the budget, we are delivering a public lighting and electrical network work between the Yaute and Pacucansha communities in the Chunchi canton. My gratitude to the provincial authority for approving the budgets that the administration presents annually in order to enlighten Chimborazo (…) united we can meet the objectives of our people, ”said Marco Salao, Manager of EERSA.

Hilario Naula, delegate of the Prefect of Chimborazo and Director of Social Management, pointed out that, “the prefect’s leadership capacity is being demonstrated, it has allowed us to join efforts, based on the resolutions within the shareholders of the electricity company, to give the green light so that the two communities have public lighting, these works magnify the great responsibility of the Chimborazo authorities, ”he said.

On the other hand, Fausto Villa, president of the Capsol parish GAD, said “I feel happy and content to have seen this work come true, this provides security to the residents of this sector.”

In the sector, public lighting, transformers, lamps, relocation of poles, lighting of the Pacucansha community court were installed, in addition, lamps were changed in the center of the parish.