Chimborazo Prefecture, assists the cattle producers of the Guano canton

More than 12 tons of “non-exportable banana” were delivered as feed for livestock, after a flood that occurred on December 11 in Guano, caused damage in different sectors of the canton.

Residents of the La Dolorosa, El Edén, La Inmaculada, Alacao Chico and Alacao Grande neighborhoods were benefited with this endowment to be able to pay for the feeding of their livestock and avoid economic losses.

Ana Luz Sani, who has been dedicated to livestock for more than 50 years, said that these actions allow them to continue, despite the bad time they suffered. “It was very distressing what we experienced (…) the mud buried our fields and the cattle did not have to eat (…) the prefect of Chimborazo was present from the beginning of the emergency and today he shows us his support for those of us who live in the countryside” , he expressed.

For his part, Xavier Checa, Coordinator of the Directorate of Productive Development, of the Prefecture of Chimborazo, mentioned the importance of coordinating actions so that all the productive sectors of this canton are taken care of. “We have acted immediately in the face of this emergency and we will continue with you for as long as necessary, the sum of wills and efforts will allow us to move forward and overcome this adversity,” he stressed.

This endowment was managed with banana companies in the province of El Oro, who have expressed their intention to collaborate and, if necessary, send new shipments that prevent malnutrition or the appearance of diseases of livestock.