Chimborazo Prefecture attends to affectation in Guano canton

After the heavy rains registered on the afternoon of Saturday, December 11, in the cantonal head of Guano. The Provincial Government of Chimborazo, mobilized machinery and technical personnel to the areas where there was a higher level of affectation, to coordinate immediate response actions.

Cleaning and debris removal tasks were carried out, thanks to the transfer of 7 dump trucks, 2 loaders and 1 backhoe, which carry out emergent work in all flooded sectors of the canton.

Juan Pablo Cruz, Prefect of Chimborazo, accompanied by personnel from Risk Management, National Police and GAD Guano, carried out an inspection to assess the damage caused and draw up the respective needs report.

Subsequently, a session was set up with the members of the Cantonal COE, in which the current situation of this adverse event was analyzed, to coordinate inter-institutional actions that allow the population to be served in a timely manner. The representative of the Prefecture expressed his solidarity with all the citizens who are currently going through this difficult situation, in addition, he indicated: ¨We also make available the services of the mobile medical unit of the Government of the Province (…) to avoid health problems and attend to vulnerable groups with technical nutritional aids¨. The Emerging Operations Committee is in permanent session and will issue an official pronouncement after conducting a general assessment of the damage.

Business and home owners, located in the Matriz parish of the Guano canton, thanked the attention that is currently being provided to re-enable the main accesses, with the machinery of the Provincial Government. At 01:00 in the morning on Sunday, the main access road to the canton is partially enabled, the cleaning work will be resumed from 07:00. Here are some recommendations for the public to take them into account:

Prevention measures against heavy rains
– Clean sidewalks, curbs and gutters so that water can circulate.
– Make a family emergency plan.
– Have a backpack with emergency supplies on hand.
– Avoid crossing bridges where the river level has risen and do not travel     through flooded areas.
– Only if possible, safeguard your assets. Remember that some floods occur suddenly and in these cases, the most important thing is to protect your life and that of your family, moving immediately to safe areas.