Chimborazo Prefecture serves areas affected by ashfall from the Sangay volcano

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Productive Development Directorate, in response to the emergency caused by the ash fall, carried out a survey of the impact on productive and agricultural activities in the territory.

“The solidarity with which the Chimborazo Prefecture and the organizations that have been served by the Directorate of Productive Development have been working is visible. The cantons that are affected by the ash fall are supported through technical units. We made the first delivery for our brothers from Guamote and Alausí, it is a joint effort. Right now we are delivering about 20 tons of livestock feed. ” Edison Campos, Director of Productive Development, pointed out.

Manuel Remache, president of the Water Board of the Guargualla community of the Licto parish, stated that “this time we have to help and be in solidarity with our brothers who are affected by the Sangay volcano. Our support is with alfalfa, broccoli, cauliflower, oats, vicia and vegetables that are used to feed the animals ”.

The technicians of the Prefecture of Chimborazo articulate with the actors of the organizations, gathering information in order to have updated diagnoses to carry out an effective intervention in the affected cantons.

The Productive Development Directorate has implemented technical and administrative processes that will provide timely attention to producers and entrepreneurs in the province.