Chimborazo Prefecture commemorates 197 years of provincialization

With the presence of Juan Pablo Cruz, Prefect of Chimborazo; Carmen Gadbay, Vice Prefect; María José Pontón, Governor of the province; Rubén Darío Ponce, Commander of the N: 11 Galápagos Armored Cavalry Brigade; mayors, representatives of the town councils, parochial boards and special guests; They participated in the solemn commemoration session of the 197 years of provincialization of Chimborazo, a land of opportunities, full of history, rich in culture, of intelligent men and women.

In celebrating the One hundred ninety-seventh Anniversary, Fernando Díaz, Secretary General of the Provincial Government, made a historical review of the creation of the province. “With the Law of Territorial Division of Gran Colombia, on June 23, 1824, the province of Chimborazo was born, with its capital Riobamba (…) according to this Law, its execution is registered in the Government Palace in Bogotá and the June 25, 1824, as the official date of creation of the province of Chimborazo ”, explained the official.

Juan Pablo Cruz, highlighted the works carried out during his administration, highlighting the work in the social sphere. “Despite the pandemic, we have worked in roads, irrigation, productive development, environment, tourism, health and technology,” he said.

He emphasized the articulated work between institutions that seek the socioeconomic development of the province. “Together we build a different Chimborazo, responding to the needs of the population with projects that strengthen the work of the Chimboracenses,” said the prefect.

María José Pontón, Governor of the Province of Chimborazo, highlighted the work carried out by the provincial government in favor of priority attention sectors, “The institution I represent is open-door (…) I invite you to continue working for a different province ”.

During the formal ceremony, the Juan de Velasco decoration was recognized, destined for personalities or institutions that have excelled in the academic field, which was awarded to the lawyer Anastacio Inga Cayambe, Rector of the Atahualpa Intercultural Bilingual Community Educational Unit.

Atahualpa Bilingual Intercultural Community Educational Unit, is a school in the Guamote Canton that stands out for working with indigenous children and adolescents of the Guamote canton, developing aptitudes attitudes for the development of students in the agricultural field, respecting the interculturality and community development of the area. .

Decoration “Pedro Vicente Maldonado”, intended for prominent personalities or institutions in the field of music, arts, literature and letters in the Province of Chimborazo; granted to Mr. Ángel Fabricio Tapia Sánchez, as President of ASODACH, Chimborazo Dance Association.

The Chimborazo Dance Association has been working since its inception for the development of the culture of our province, managing to strengthen this union to work together; It is constituted by resolution N MIES CZ-3-DDR 2018 of October 29, 2018.

Decoration “Monsignor Leonidas Proaño”, intended for personalities or institutions of great importance who have stood out for actions of transcendence for the benefit of the community, provincial or national; awarded to the entrepreneur Santiago Fabián Rivera Yerovi.

He was the winner of the VI CITI MICROENTERPRISE National Contest 2021, organized by Citigroup, New York Financial Services. He is a pioneer in the design, production and commercialization of architectural 3D puzzles, being the only ones in Latin America and competing with European and Chinese companies in these high-tech works.

September 11th “Republic Day” decoration, destined to prominent personalities or institutions in the social and / or sports field representing the Province of Chimborazo, awarded to Mr. Rubén Jorge Núñez, on behalf of the Chimboracense athlete Myrian Núñez.

Myrian Núñez, a Chimboracense cyclist, is the winner of the most important cycling competition in South America the “Vuelta a Colombia”, national champion in cycling, runner-up in the tour of Guatemala, obtained a bronze medal in the Bolivarian games and in the South American games, the cyclist At the moment she is in Peru, to compete in the “Bolivarian Games”, as a worthy representative of Ecuador.

At 5:02 p.m. on Friday, June 25, the session was closed by the first authority of the Honorable Decentralized Autonomous Government of Chimborazo.