Prefecture of Chimborazo boosted the economy and trade of the residents

Chimborazo lived a wide agenda of cultural, artistic, gastronomic activities, fairs and traditions, in the 10 cantons of the province, from Friday, February 25 to Tuesday, March 1, receiving national and foreign tourists.

The economic reactivation in all sectors, such as: event promoters, formal and informal merchants, artisans, carriers, entrepreneurs, gastronomic managers, hoteliers, tourism service providers, small and medium-sized companies, among others, is complemented by the activities planned by the “Carnivals Closest to the Sun”.

Patricio Costales, President of the Chamber of Tourism, stated that the hotel occupancy was well received by those who came to enjoy the activities. “Chimborazo has become the ideal destination to visit and enjoy with family and friends (…) we have had 90% to 100% occupancy; Riobamba and therefore Chimborazo is in the center of the country, which makes it a strategic site, even more so being able to have new tourism products”, he said.

From the Provincial Government, the “Chimborazo is your destiny” campaign has been promoted, positioning the “Carnivals Closest to the Sun”, which have left successful economic results for the entire territory. Costales also indicated that a friendlier carnival has been established, which are important factors and allow tourists to have a good experience.

“We rescue the entire offer of tourist sites, event agendas and the participation of artistic, cultural, corsican events, gastronomic and entrepreneurship fairs. We feel a good reactivation and the positioning of the ‘Closest Carnivals to the Sun’ that was experienced in Chimborazo “, he limited.

In Riobamba, gastronomy captivated locals and strangers, among the favorite dishes was the traditional “ceviches de chochos”, businesses that were also reactivated with the sale of their products. Doña Nelly Alulema, owner of one of the places of this type of food, mentioned that, during the holiday there was a greater turnout of people, counting on 100% of their sales.

“This year we were quite good compared to other years when the festivities were dead (…) there was movement and the economic situation moved much more, thanks to the programs that were published on social networks, they found out everything that Chimborazo I had for this holiday,” he explained.

For her part, María Elena Riofrío, owner of Rica Fritada, located in the Guano canton, recognized that the holiday was the opportunity to increase her sales.

“We are very happy and grateful to the authorities who have carried out all the management for the execution of these events, in which all of us who do business have benefited, and we have also created occasional sources of work,” she stressed.

Guano, considered the artisan capital of Ecuadorians, was also part of the reactivation that took place during the days off, as confirmed by Lourdes Yungán, owner of a craft store.

“We have improved sales with the visit of national and foreign tourists, (…) for us who live from this and compared to previous years when we were paralyzed by the pandemic, we were able to start selling in greater quantity. I am very grateful to the Prefect of Chimborazo for the activities he carried out, I hope he continues to help us with other events and new activities that encourage the visit of tourists”, said Yungán.

For his part, Ricardo Saltos, taxi driver from the “Terminal Terrestre” cooperative, stated that carriers were a fundamental part of transporting travelers to different destinations, so they also benefited from the carnivals.

“I thought it was excellent that activities are carried out throughout the province, (…) we are all in need and we want the economy to move, we have noticed a lot of movement with the visit of people from other places (…) in the land terminal there was a large increase of work,” he said.

Thanks to the articulation of actions between the public, private, community sectors and associations, which make up the Provincial Tourism Management Committee of Chimborazo, the “Carnivals Closest to the Sun” were the beginning of a new post-pandemic reactivation in this 2022.