Chimborazo Prefecture delivers materials for lining irrigation canals in Guamote

The Chimborazo prefecture, through the General Directorate of Irrigation, delivered construction materials for the lining of irrigation canals in several communities of Guamote, with the purpose of improving agricultural production and the quality of life of this population.

It is planned to intervene in 2 km of the Pasñag canal in the Gualipiti sector, and 2 km in the San Pablo de Guantug Irrigation Board, the main parish of the canton; for the execution of the works, 280 m3 of river sand, 409 m3 of crushed gravel and 3,096 quintals of cement were delivered.

“With the recovery of these canals, the water reaches more than 800 hectares of land dedicated to agricultural and livestock production, benefiting more than 200 families in these communities, located in the southeast of Guamote,” said Luis Vizuete, Provincial Government Irrigation Technician. In addition, he explained that the prefecture is working in the 10 cantons in order to provide a better service to the users of the irrigation systems, which currently have the full support of the institution.

For her part, María Roldán, a farmer from the Gualipiti community, recounted her story, framed from her childhood when she had to live with her parents to be able to bring water to her plot, “we suffered, we had to get up early and be very cold (… ) today, thanks to the prefect, we can live in peace because we have enough water to irrigate our land, we are happy because our lives have changed”, he pointed out.

For Lorenzo Vimos, there was no permanent irrigation water in the sector, however, now the reality is different for farmers. “We ask our prefect to support us to build this irrigation channel (…) thank God, the response was immediate, today we are already working,” said Lorenzo Vimos, president of the San Pablo de Guantug Community of the Matriz parish.