Chimborazo Prefecture strengthens strategic alliances with CARE – Ecuador

The Provincial Government of Chimborazo and the Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, Inc. (CARE-Ecuador), signed an international cooperation agreement to strengthen capacities aimed at eradicating poverty, social and gender equity; environmental management and disaster risk reduction; as well as cooperation and communication in response actions or humanitarian assistance.

To achieve the objective set out in the agreement, coordination between both parties must be facilitated with actions focused on the management of provincial development, in the sectors where it works; as well as promoting technical cooperation and the exchange of experiences in order to improve the development of plans, programs and projects that are implemented for the benefit of the Chimborazo population.

“This is one of the agreements that we have evacuated in this second quarter (…) in order to provide training, follow-up, accompaniment; for plans and projects, which are carried out in rural areas based on peasant, Andean and producer women, in the face of climate change, ”said Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo.

For Alexandra Moncada, Director of CARE – Ecuador, it is important to create an alliance between organizations and institutions, in order to mobilize resources in favor of jointly developed programs.

“As CARE, we have a mission, which is to eradicate poverty and achieve social justice (…) we want to thank that women of all ages are a priority in the Government of the Province of Chimborazo and we believe that this event was to formalize that commitment that both parties have had for a long time, ”said Moncada.

This agreement is the result of previous analyzes carried out in the territory, to know the broad panorama of the aspects that need to be addressed in the province to promote its development, in addition to the multiple meetings between the two parties involved in this alliance.

“It is important to highlight that through this agreement the capacity for adaptation and resilience to climate change in our territory will be improved (…) without a doubt this is a strategic union”, said Alfredo Chuquimarca, Director of Environmental Management of the Chimborazo Prefecture.

It should be noted that the Provincial Government is part of the Andean Consortium for Sowing and Harvesting Water (CASCA), together with the Prefectures of the Provinces of Cotopaxi, Pichincha and Imbabura and through this articulation process, during this first phase we benefit the project called “Rural Andean Women Producers Against Climate Change”.