The technical team of the Chimborazo Prefecture carries out the monitoring and execution of the projects contemplated in the new provincial production strategy, in accordance with the Development and Territorial Planning Plan approved in the plenary session of the Provincial Council.

For this purpose, the Productive Development Directorate prioritized seven emblematic projects that cover the provision of quality seeds, sustainable livestock, agricultural innovation, sustainable fish farming, credit promotion, commercial networks and agricultural information, which are implemented through the units of Integral Rural Development (UDRI) and Economic Improvement (UME), thus promoting sustainable growth for chimboracense producers and entrepreneurs.

In this context, the work of mobile agro-veterinary clinics continues, which reached the Licto parish in Riobamba and San Gerardo in Guano, providing coverage to 450 cattle and 80 sheep, with the application of vitamins and dewormers. Eight bovines with mastitis problems were also treated.

In addition, the sectors of Guarguallá in Guamote and Pumallacta in Alausí, areas affected by the fall of ash from the Sangay volcano, have been treated.

On the other hand, the delivery of phytosanitary supplies was made to the seed organizations CORPOPURUWA and CORPOGONZOL, for the control of pests and diseases in wheat, barley and lupine, within the framework of the certified seed project promoted by the Prefecture.

And, the inauguration of the first veterinary kit in the Pumallacta parish in the Alausí canton, in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Parish Council, for the benefit of the ranchers of this important area in the south of the province.

Writing: Diego Moncayo