Chimborazo Prefecture, protects the moors of the province

The Environmental Management Directorate of the Chimborazo Prefecture continues to execute the “Sow for Life” project, in a second phase that will take place in 2022; Nearly 10,000 native arrayán, yagual, piquil, higuerón, and lime plants, among others, were delivered to the Atapo el Carmen community in the Guamote canton.

Myriam Satán, director of Environmental Management, explained that this activity is part of the planning with which the Provincial Government acts. “Working together allows us to obtain great results (…) there are 8 species that are being delivered to each beneficiary with the commitment to green our province,” she said.

There are more than 1,000 benefited families in this community, who will be the main actors in the reforestation of the province. Mesías Sisalema, a resident of this community, thanked the institution for carrying out actions that benefit producers and ranchers.

“Now there is a serious project that is really being executed, in addition to the plants, the technicians of the prefecture have also trained us, so that the reforestation in Atapo El Carmen is a success and with time have a true environmental conservation”, Sisalema said.

The line of action for this year is to tour the 10 cantons of the province, delivering plants of fruit, medicinal and native species, in addition, to make Chimboracenses aware of environmental responsibility.