The work of the Prefecture of Chimborazo for sustainable livestock farming is progressively resumed in the province, responsibly complying with biosafety protocols and taking precautions for the safety of technicians and beneficiaries, in accordance with the planning generated and approved in institutional planning. .

The Plan of Development and Territorial Organization (PDOT) of the province of Chimborazo, details that emblematic projects and technical tools make up the scope of productive development, which strengthens capacities in the territory and reconfigures the productive scheme.

One of these projects is called Sustainable Livestock, which is managed in the territory through the following activities: deworming and vitaminization campaign, artificial insemination campaign, training of agricultural promoters, implementation of veterinary kits, delivery of improved grass and mineral salts , Implementation of forage plants, among others, that enable the daily mission to be accomplished.

The campaigns are managed through the agro-veterinary mobile clinics, implemented with the aim of generating records of livestock activities, veterinary medical care for livestock, as well as technical assistance to producers. During the visits, problems such as parasitosis, vitamin deficiency and mineral deficiencies are evident, for which vitamins and dewormers are applied. Also, through technical talks, producers are trained on animal health and sanitary control.

One of the visits in this new cycle reached the Tunshi San Javier community in the Licto parish, where Leonidas Lima and Diego Calderón, technicians from the Integral Rural Development Unit – UDRI, from the Directorate of Productive Development carried out an evaluation and applied vitamins and dewormers to 275 cattle, 70 sheep and 18 pigs.

Ambrosio Tenelema, president of the community, expressed his gratitude to the prefect Juan Pablo Cruz for the support given to the communities, despite the health emergency that the country is going through.

Writing: Diego Moncayo