Prefecture signs an agreement with the GAD of Penipe for the delivery of food rations

The Honorable Decentralized Autonomous Government of the Province of Chimborazo, signed an interinstitutional agreement with the Municipal Decentralized Autonomous Government of the Penipe canton, in order to establish cooperative relations and joint actions between the Provincial Board and the mayor’s office, to deliver rations food to the vulnerable population through the Project, “Social Assistance for Priority Attention Groups”.

The document was signed in the office of Lourdes Mancero, Mayor of Penipe, and with the presence of Vinicio Chávez, director of the Provincial Board of Trustees; The agreement will have a duration of three months from the date of its subscription, with these coordinated actions it is intended to serve 2,500 priority care families.

Vinicio Chávez, director of the Provincial Board, highlighted the actions carried out by Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, in favor of people with limited economic resources throughout the province, also recognized the commitment that exists between these two authorities to work in a articulated. “Very grateful to the mayor, since she has given all the facilities for us to be able to develop our work for the benefit of our brothers who need it most,” he said.

For her part, Lourdes Mancero, mayor of Penipe, thanked the prefect on behalf of the Penipeños for all the support she has given to this canton. “We are a people beaten by nature, however with the support of the first provincial authority, we have moved forward and I am sure that this time it will not be the exception (…) Penipe is one of the cantons that has a high level of vulnerability due to what this articulation with the prefecture will help us a lot ”, he concluded.