Prefecture prioritizes medical assistance for the priority attention groups of Ainche and Quiñón, in Chambo

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the Mobile Health Unit of the Provincial Board, prioritized medical assistance for the priority attention groups of the Ainche and Quiñón communities of the Chambo canton, the majority belonging to the “Active Spaces with Food” project. that the municipal GAD maintains in agreement with the MIES.

The medical brigade of the Type “B” Health Center of the Provincial Board, made up of a general practitioner and a nurse, also attended to boys and girls from the rural community of Ainche, delivering medicines free of charge; with a total coverage of 33 patients.

“Before starting these medical days, the health professionals delivered informative material on the medical services offered by the Type “B” Health Center, located in Riobamba, and surgical masks. In addition, patients with urgent cases were identified for technical assistance, which will be assessed by the Social Worker” indicated Jhonatan García, doctor.

Romelia Chafla, president of the Ainche community, recognized the management carried out by the provincial government for the benefit of the health of the inhabitants. “As always, I thank you for taking older adults into account; For this reason, on behalf of my people, I recognize with all my heart and that they continue to work throughout the province, ”she said.

For her part, María Ashqui Ashqui, 80 years old, with her broken voice, expressed her joy at being able to count on this service. “I have always realized that you support us at all times, because our health is deteriorating,” she concluded.