The Prefecture carries out maintenance of the main conduction of the Guarguallá – Licto Irrigation System

In order to provide a better service to the users of the Guarguallá – Licto Irrigation System and protect the useful life of the installed pipes, the Prefecture of Chimborazo, in coordination with the irrigators, executes the maintenance of the 3 siphons of the main conduit, in a length of 600 meters; works that include the total cleaning of the metallic surface and the coating with anticorrosive paint.

This irrigation system has a length of 26 km, it benefits 1,830 users from 22 communities, which belong to the parishes: Cebadas, Pungalá, Licto, Flores and Punín.

“These siphons were not attended to for a long time (…) the objective is to protect any inconvenience in the future, so we have articulated with users to help us with labor (…) as the prefecture we are delivering materials for the cleaning, painting and covering the entire surface of the 600 meters of pipe ”, indicated Juan Andrade, Irrigation Technician of the Provincial Government.

Manuel Remache, representative of the Guarguallá – Licto Irrigation System, acknowledged the support of the Provincial Government to carry out these works that benefit farmers in this area who do not have the resources to buy the materials. “We are working together with the sole commitment of strengthening the productivity of the 5 parishes that use this system,” he said.

For her part, María Toribia Quishpi, beneficiary of the irrigation system, stated that the pipeline was neglected, “water is the most important thing for human beings, to be able to live, irrigate our lands, with this we will have permanent water and improve agricultural production, and the economic situation of each of the inhabitants of these communities “, he concluded.