Prefecture carries out road maintenance works in the La Providencia parish, Guano canton

The Chimborazo prefecture carries out internal road maintenance in the Pungal El Quinche and Pungal San Miguel communities, belonging to the La Providencia parish of the Guano canton, with the aim of improving access to workplaces for farmers in this area who are dedicated to the cultivation of alfalfa, tomato and strawberry.

With the intervention in these roads, 1,200 people benefit, allowing them to transport their products to other commercialization areas, in addition, it is facilitated so that users of the irrigation canal can move through this sector.

“These works facilitate the mobility of farmers and people who use the irrigation system, for my part I want to extend a cordial greeting to the Provincial Government, at the same time reiterate my gratitude and commitment to continue working for a different Chimborazo,” he said. José Pérez, president of the Decentralized Autonomous Government of La Providencia Parish.

Among the works, it includes the cleaning of the platform of the irrigation canal of the communities. “These works were very necessary, this type of help is very important for us, it benefits us to be able to enter our lands and be able to cultivate,” said Mecías Tumailli, president of the Pungal El Quinche community.

On her side, María Muyulema from the Pungal El Quinche community pointed out that the maintenance of the roads is necessary, including for citizen security. “At night it was very dangerous to walk through this place, now it is looking very beautiful, with this road we can now come to our fields with ease and be able to work without any problem.”