Prefecture made Official Launch of the Provincial Brand “We are Chimborazo”

In the Auditorium Hall of the Provincial Government with the presence of Guadalupe Llori, president of the National Assembly as guest of honor, prefects of several provinces of the country, mayors and special guests, the official launch of the provincial brand “Somos Chimborazo” was held. The same that through the Directorate of Productive Development, supports the productive, agricultural and business sectors of our province.

The Provincial Brand “Somos Chimborazo” was born as a support for the local, national and international commercialization of our products, whose main characteristic is quality.

The event began with the showroom where local textile companies exhibited their products with live mannequins, symphony and cultural expressions, a fashion show was also presented with the presence of several companies in the city, in this event a commitment letter was signed between the HGADPCH and Zone 3 of the Ministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investments and Fisheries, for inter-institutional cooperation in favor of economic reactivation, commercial development and quality production in Chimborazo. In addition, several agreements were signed with businessmen from our province, who were also recognized by the prefecture.

The “Somos Chimborazo” brand was born as a support for the local, national and international commercialization of our products whose main characteristic is quality. “We are Chimborazo”, benefits 1,000 entrepreneurs, the project was born from an institutional cooperation agreement with the “Manuel Galecio” Higher Technological Institute, through which a joint work begins for the benefit of our entrepreneurs, the students in charge of the project José Vacacela and Marco Rodas were students of this institute. “How can I not thank everyone for that commitment to work for a different Chimborazo. Identity, Pride and Heart are three fundamental pillars that inspire the “Somos Chimborazo” brand. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of our province, pointed out.

Guadalupe Llori, President of the National Assembly, stated: “I want to thank the prefecture of Chimborazo for inviting me to this important launch event of the Somos Chimborazo brand, for me and for the National Assembly it is a great joy to support these initiatives that seek to improve productivity and create more sources of employment, these initiatives are very beneficial because they allow us to successfully close the productive cycle as Assembly we are going to support all these initiatives ”.

“In May 2019, the change began for Chimborazo, thanks to the decision of a young man who believed in his people, in his entrepreneurs, in his province, Somos Chimborazo, is a provincial brand that collects the Chimborazo identity, embodied in quality products made by happy people, and entrepreneurs, that iconic province, moorland and ridge whose productive areas are agricultural and livestock ¨ said Edison Campos, director of Sports Development of the Provincial Government.

During the launch, a fashion catwalk was developed, presenting clothing from various textile enterprises, there were clothes of different styles, including intercultural, promoting the identity of the Chimboracense territory.

The event concluded with a Night Fair in which around 60 entrepreneurs participated, fireworks, orchestra, dance, among other attractions were also presented.