Prefecture issues regulations to strengthen Entrepreneurship Fair

The “Reactivation Plan for the Productive Change of Greater Chimborazo”, which is executed by the Prefecture of Chimborazo, contemplates within its projects, the development of Commercial Networks through the Implementation of agroecological, mobile and digital fairs, in which they can participate all producers, entrepreneurs and artisans in the province, be they natural or legal persons, from the popular and solidarity economy.
In order to strengthen this work and promote local entrepreneurs, the Entrepreneurship Fair Regulation was enacted, which aims to regulate the planning, organization, management and promotion of entrepreneurship fairs in public and virtual spaces, suitable for commercialization. direct, without intermediaries, of artisanal and agricultural products and their derivatives from producers of the popular and solidarity economy.

The Regulation contemplates that planning must be carried out with the participation of interested actors, seeking to democratize access and guarantee the quality of the products offered and the proper use of public space. The Prefecture will provide and develop all the technical and logistical facilities for producers to promote and market their products in physical or virtual fairs based on the available spaces, in addition to formulating promotion and training strategies for participants.

To be part of the fair or exhibition, producers and entrepreneurs must comply with certain mandatory parameters required by control entities and organizers. More information on the regulations and other projects in this area can be found at the Directorate of Productive Development of the Prefecture of Chimborazo, and / or at www.chimborazo.gob.e