First Technology Fair “Yachay Tic’s” is articulated with the academy, public and private sectors

We inaugurated the first “Yachay Tic’s” Technology Fair, in conjunction with the academy, public and private companies, which aims to promote digital culture in the province of Chimborazo, through new spaces for new knowledge of technological innovation, interactions in time real and display of cutting-edge products at low costs.

David Hurtado, Undersecretary for the Promotion of the Information Society and Digital Economy, said that it is important to bet on technology and transform the lives of citizens through these new strategies. “We are committed to the digital transformation of the country and Chimborazo, to work on a digital transformation plan that impacts citizens in a positive and transverse way.” These new spaces are generated from the Chimborazo Prefecture to create positive responses in the advancement of digital culture. “It is important to be able to be part of this change in methodology, thinking and development, together with the academic, public and private sectors. (…) They all make an important contribution to reach a common goal that is not alien to the communities, neighborhoods and cantons of Chimborazo ”, expressed Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of the province. As part of the activities, training sessions and exhibitions of technological advances are planned. Byron Soto, director of the Coordination of Communication and Information Technologies of the Provincial Government, explained that the main objective is the participation of citizens in the use and management of new technologies; in addition to its economic reactivation.

From the Provincial Government, we promote digital culture in Chimborazo, through ties between academia, the public and private sectors, betting on the reduction of the digital gap and the social development of its inhabitants.