Projects in favor of the dairy sector will be carried out by the Chimborazo Prefecture and the FAO

A strategic alliance was established between the Prefecture of Chimborazo, under the Directorate of Productive Development and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO, which is in charge of the food and agricultural sector, with the aim of helping the communities of Guano , Alausí and Colta to market their products through a digital platform that is from the producer to the consumer, without intermediaries. Daniela Cabezas, Productive Development technician indicated that, “the productive sector has never stopped, but it has been affected by the presence of the Covid-19 virus pandemic in the marketing issue, with the dairy sector being the most affected because they reduced their costs to the maximum and the consumption of their derivatives decreased ”, he said.

In the communities of La Esperanza of the Colta canton, Pueblo Viejo in Alausí, Choquipogio and Saguazo Cruz de Mayo in Guano, the technical staff of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Directorate of Productive Development socialized the Project “Strategies to mitigate the effects of Covid19 in agri-food systems in small dairy industries, in order to seek the commercialization of their products through digital channels at the national level.”

“A project will be implemented jointly by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the Provincial Governments of Chimborazo and Manabí and the Municipality of the Chone canton, which will be able to identify actions that can mitigate the effects and impacts that have been recognized in the affectation. of food systems, in this case the dairy sector ”, mentioned Daniel Quiroz, FAO technician.

Vicente Naula, manager of the Pueblo Viejo dairy plant in the Alausí canton, pointed out that his union is made up of 70 small producers and milk producers and thanked the Provincial Government for this initiative that will allow the economic recovery of his fellow farmers, and indicated that the Business dropped considerably before the pandemic, at a fair it sold 400 cheeses and currently they do not even reach half of the sale. A visit was made to the Saguazo Cruz de Mayo community, belonging to the Ilapo parish of the Guano canton, Don Jofre Zurita, secretary of the Láctea Saguazo production company, said he was happy with the interest of the authorities who are going to work with his company, helping to the commercialization of their products.