The Prefecture promotes sustainable aquaculture to reactivate the provincial economy

Within the “Plan of Reactivation for the Productive Change of the Great Chimborazo”, the Prefecture executes the Sustainable Aquaculture project, which consists of the delivery of fingerlings in the communities of the ten cantons of the province, in order that the community members generate their own financial resources.

Deliveries have already been made in the Alausí and Chunchi cantons, in the Nizag community and in the Gonzol parish, respectively. In Nizag, 10,000 fingerlings were delivered for work with 150 producers, while in Gonzol parish, the delivery was 7,000 fingerlings, which directly benefit 40 families.

The comprehensive project includes the sowing of around 256 thousand fingerlings in various cantons of the province. About 300 beneficiaries participate in this phase of the project promoted by the prefect Juan Pablo Cruz, with the aim of improving the economic income of rural families.

The Sustainable Aquaculture project, in charge of the Productive Development Directorate, has as basic elements the construction of fish farming infrastructure, breeding and fattening, and the training of promoters, as an alternative to economically reactivate the communities.

Writing: Diego Moncayo