Provincial Board delivers lupine seeds and technical assistance to priority attention groups at the Socio-Economic Fair, Guamote

The Chimborazo Prefecture, in coordination with the Provincial Board of Trustees, delivered lupine seeds and technical assistance to vulnerable people as part of the project “Socio-Economic Strengthening of Families of Priority Attention Groups” for the communities of the Palmira parish of del Guamote canton.

The 143 seeds will be distributed to the community of San Miguel de Pomachaca, 97 to San Francisco de Bishud and 48 to Sarachupa. With this delivery, the Prefecture of Chimborazo promotes the economic and productive development of the area, benefiting 288 people.

Alfonso Daquilema, secretary of the San Miguel de Pomachaca community, stated that, as a director, he is grateful for the delivery of these supplies. “This year, thanks to the will of the Prefect and the Board of Trustees, each person will receive 144 quintals, 50 pounds. I appreciate the contribution and the grain of sand in the production of lupines and in all the other projects that have helped us ”, he stressed.

For his part, Vinicio Chávez, director of the Provincial Board, pointed out the services with which the institution has been able to reach this sector to carry out the Socio-Economic Fair. “We delivered 288 bags of lupine seed that will serve all the families and the production of Chimborazo. We come with all the services, affection and commitment to continue helping and contributing with all the communities of Palmira ”, he said.

Laura Daquilema and Magdalena Daquilema, beneficiaries of the delivery of lupine seeds and technical assistance (medicines and walking sticks), thanked the authorities for the presence and the help provided. “Thank you very much to the Prefect for every help that reaches our communities and families,” said Laura.

Triburcio Daquilema, resident of the sector, expressed his gratitude to the highest provincial authority for attending to the needs of the Guamote canton, “this humble community is grateful for helping with medicines, canes and seeds that it contributes to all families,” he said.

The Socio-Economic Production Fair had booths from the Provincial Board, assistance from the Mobile Health Unit and delivery of medicines, Yachay Tic’s technology bus, child care, programs of the Directorate of Productive Development, the National Police and GOE, where The residents of the communities and parishes surrounding the Guamote canton were present.