Provincial Board of Trustees delivers oral hygiene kits to educational institutions in Alausí and Chunchi

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the Provincial Board of Trustees, delivered 7,837 oral hygiene kits to the Educational institutions of the Alausí-Chunchi District with the presence of authorities from the Prefecture of Chimborazo, the Ministry of Education, parents and students. The kits that will help to maintain better oral hygiene in the children and adolescents of the 60 Educational Units that belong to the district area were formally delivered.

Marianita Carrillo, President of the Provincial Board, participated in the delivery of the kits and pointed out that this work, as a whole, will be permanently aimed at taking care of the oral health of the students. “The Chimborazo Prefecture, through Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect, is always attentive to those most in need. On this occasion we deliver these kits because in childhood it is important that they know the correct handling of tooth brushing; We go to the District office to have this link with educational institutions, ”he said.

For his part, Enrique Guacho, Alausí-Chunchi District Director of Education, expressed his gratitude to the first authority in the province for the management that will be delivered in the coming days in the communities and parishes. “The cantons of Alausí and Chunchi will be benefited with these kits, the following week the official delivery will be made to all children from Initial Education 1 to the seventh year of Basic Education, in coordination with the circuit administrators and rectors. We appreciate the support that the Prefect of the province gives us to the education sector ”.

In conjunction with Lourdes Tacle, a dentist from the Provincial Board, the oral health kits were delivered, consisting of a toothbrush with soft bristles for children from 3 to 10 years of age and a toothpaste. In addition, an induction of information on brushing techniques and oral hygiene was carried out.

Rebeca Guamán, a student at the Santiago de Chile Basic Education School, expressed her gratitude for the delivery and medical attention that has come from the Prefecture, “we hope it is not the last time they help us. On behalf of the institution and myself, we thank you for the dedication made by the Prefect of Chimborazo ”.

The Type “B” Health Center provides free general medicine care to all beneficiaries. Patricia Viñan, coordinator, indicated that, “medical care for the Prefecture is a priority in each of the cantons of the

province, we brought medicine and vitamins to the children who attended the event. No corner of the province is neglected in the field of health, we will be reaching the canton with more help ”, he stressed.