Provincial Board of Trustees medical brigade attends Bayushig parish, Penipe canton

The Mobile Medical Unit of the Provincial Board of Trustees cared for vulnerable groups with limited economic resources in the Bayushig parish of the Penipe canton in the specialties of Dentistry and Obstetrics. Luis Naranjo, dental doctor; Katherine Sánchez, obstetrician and Cristian Uquillas, nursing assistant, make up the medical brigade that is touring the parish and cantonal capitals of Chimborazo.

Katherine Sánchez, obstetrician at the Type “B” Health Center of the Provincial Board, diagnosed problems of urinary tract infection, menopause in patients who are mothers of families, and also gave advice on family planning.

Cristina Chiriboga, mother of the family, expressed her gratitude to the Prefecture and Provincial Board of Trustees because she received very good care from the doctors, “my children were treated with the dentist and I had myself checked with the obstetrician, everything was very good, thank you for come to us, we are poor people ”.

Meanwhile, Luis Naranjo, a dental doctor, attended preventive dentistry with sealants and prophylaxis, mainly the children of the parish, complying with the biosafety standards and protocols.

And Alexandra Peñafiel López, beneficiary, commented that the medical care was excellent, “I thank the Prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, for having made it possible for the Medical Unit to reach my Bayushig parish, thanks to him we have medicine at no cost” , he claimed.

“I was seen by the obstetrician because I had problems in the urinary tract, he prescribed some eggs, everything was free, the medical service and the medicine, thank you very much Mr. Prefect”, highlighted Carmen Mercedes Gonzáles de La Rosa, a woman evaluated by the medical brigade.