Provincial Board of Trustees sponsors families of children and adolescents of the project “Progressive Eradication of Child Labor” in Riobamba

The Provincial Board voluntarily contributes with the families of the children and adolescents of the inter-institutional project “Progressive Eradication of Child Labor” that is maintained in agreement with the MIES.

In the auditorium of the Provincial Board of Trustees, the delivery of solidarity baskets with basic necessities and donations (clothing) to the families of the project was carried out.

Vinicio Chávez, director of the Provincial Board of Trustees, announced that in coordination with the multidisciplinary team of the ETI-Mercados Riobamba project and with the initiative and guidelines of the head of Human Talent of the Provincial Board, the start of a campaign in benefit of humble families, and above all, of children and adolescents who are exposed to many risks while working on the streets, together with their fathers and mothers.

This task is linked to another important project of the Chimborazo Prefecture, which is related to the agroecological baskets promoted by the Productive Development Directorate, as an economic contribution to small farmers in the province. “That is why it is always good to join forces with all colleagues from the Provincial Government to give a little bit of joy and relief, in these difficult times, to all the families that are part of the Eradication of Child Labor project,” said Chávez.

“In this line and in that perspective, is our prefect, Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, to continue working according to those who need us most, because the idea is to start from today, sponsoring a child, the work will have to be continuous, persevering and we will do it hand in hand with our Lord Prefect and our beloved Vice-Prefect “, he pointed out.

On the other hand, Hernán Dávalos, head of Human Talent of the Provincial Board, said that the people who started this solidarity campaign are contributing financial resources, time, love and protection for the benefit of children and adolescents, “we are commitment, dedication and love to what we do, to all the people who have made this possible, I want to thank them, as well as the entire team for the Eradication of Child Labor ”.

This is also indicated by Guido Cardozo, head of the ETI project of the Chimborazo Provincial Government Board, this social work would not be possible without the support and management of the prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, because thanks to the signing of the inter-institutional agreement with the MIES daily in the prevention and awareness of the risks that children are exposed to in the streets.