In the facilities of the Health Center type “B” of the Board of Trustees of the Prefecture of Chimborazo, the public awareness campaign “No to Covid-19” was launched, as an institutional contribution and reinforcement of the activities undertaken by the authorities. competent government.

Luis Naranjo, head of Health Services of the Provincial Board of Trustees, announced that the prevention and awareness campaign is an initiative that emerged from the institution’s Medical Center, with specific messages according to well-founded psychosocial studies: “They have a whole previous study, from the medical, social and psychological point of view, which has been duly analyzed, approved and documented ”,

He stressed that the messages are different from the normal ones, from the classic ones, where the emphasis is placed on the need for social distancing, the use of masks, the use of gel.

“We have set ourselves apart, in order to be able as medical professionals, to identify other very important parameters, such as, for example, the psychological point of view, counting on the valuable contribution of the Director General of the Provincial Board of Trustees,” said Naranjo.

In one of the messages, as it is initially a digital campaign, emphasis is placed on non-discrimination against contagion, understanding that it is not a crime. In addition, raise awareness of the need not to throw used masks anywhere and spit on the street; and not share food on public roads.

Under the auspices of the Chimborazo Prefecture, citizen awareness messages are being disseminated on social networks, namely: “We continue to take care of you, Provincial Patronage, Do not spit on the street, Do not throw masks on the floor, Do not share food on public roads , Contagion is not a crime, do not discriminate ”. Writing: Arturo Lara