Provincial Patronage Medical Brigade treated residents of San Luis

Residents of the La Libertad neighborhood, of the San Luis parish, of the Riobamba canton received the medical brigade of the Provincial Board, made up of an obstetrician, a psychologist, a dentist and a general practitioner

The prefect of Chimborazo, Juan Pablo Cruz, responded to the request of the community leaders of the La Libertad neighborhood and sent the brigade that developed a theoretical-practical workshop on awareness and information about Covid-19, aimed at children and mothers of families, mainly.

Luis Naranjo, head of the Board’s Health Services, announced that a theoretical-practical awareness and information workshop was held for children and mothers.

At the request of a community leader from the La Libertad neighborhood, they attended as members of the medical brigade. “A health promotion and prevention campaign was planned, in which we provided tooth brushing techniques, oral hygiene care, which are extremely important due to the current situation; the correct use of masks, how to discard the masks, the use of dental floss, “explained Luis Naranjo ,.

Regarding the obstetrics area, information about the importance of family planning was delivered through a workshop, for which there were educational materials and recreational activities. “With the children, we worked with brain gymnastics therapy, under the guidance of Thaís González, as a clinical psychologist,” he explained.

During the workshop, dental kits and masks were delivered to the children from whom information was collected so that, accompanied by their parents, they could progressively go to the “B” Health Center for medical attention.

Writing: Arturo Lara