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Provincial Patronage of Chimborazo


Psic. Lorena Isabel Rocero Rocero

General Director of Management of the Board of Trustees of the Provincial Government of Chimborazo

A native of the San José community, of the Sibambe parish, of the Alausí canton, her primary education is carried out in the school of her population, the secondary in the “Eloy Alfaro” school in Huigra, until the third year, ending in the “Manuel Institute Galecio ”of the cantonal head.

It comes from a humble family, the daughter of a mother who stands out as a fighter and warrior, who had the ability to move forward with 7 brothers, being the figure of father and mother in the home, who is dedicated to all his triumphs and actions , his source of inspiration as well as his daughter, brothers and nephews.

By profession Psychologist, his concern for this career is born at an early age, due to his situation; a disintegrated home with a lot of sadness and extreme poverty, with scenarios where pain and heartbreak prevail due to the lack of a father figure. There germinates the vocation to help people and collaborate so that households do not disintegrate, trying to prevent people from living what they do.

Always dedicated to social work, she enters to work as Commissioner of the Chunchi canton, being the first woman to occupy that seat, highlighting her work on issues such as alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence. His strong point is the love that puts what he does, “while serving with love, it is possible to change people’s mentality”; always in defense of the family, where women are valued and respected.

She has also served, as Political Chief of the Chunchi canton, was part of the Police Subintendency, Alausí-Chunchi. District Coordinator of the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion, MIES. Currently, Lorena Rocero, serves as General Director of Management of the Provincial Board; standing out for its honesty, humility, transparency, values ​​and good customs.


Type B Health Center

One of the permanent services offered by the Board of Trustees of the Chimborazo Prefecture, is the medical care at the “B” type Health Center, located in the former building of the Provincial Council, where specialist professionals develop their knowledge in the areas of medicine general, dentistry, clinical laboratory, physiotherapy and physical conditioning, obstetrics, psychology, pharmacy and social work, offering a treatment of quality and warmth, focused mainly on the most vulnerable and extreme poverty sectors.

Aiming at the priority sectors, the attention is immediate, it is enough to approach the facilities and request a shift; The opening hours are from 07:30 a.m. to 04:30 p.m. the services have a minimum cost, where the consultation keeps a price of 6 dollars, laboratory exams from 2 dollars, a dental piece is extracted, 5 dollars; comfortable prices within reach of the most needy.

Mobile Health Unit

Currently, the Provincial Board of Chimborazo has a Mobile Health Unit, which does not supply the high demand for departures to the different rural communities that request the service, so it is planned for the coming months of the year in course, acquire a new unit, fully equipped; as well as equipment, such as colposcopes and ultrasound scanners, that will quickly identify and prevent diseases.

The medical work in the territory is carried out by means of requests to the Provincial Board, once approved by the prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, coordinates with the managers of the towns and is executed. The Mobile Health Unit has a general practitioner, dentist, social worker, psychologist and nurse; In addition, totally free medicines are delivered.

So far, aid has reached rural communities, never before considered, prioritizing care for the elderly, people with disabilities, children, people with catastrophic diseases; subsequently to the general public.

Institutional ambulance

The ambulance provided by the Provincial Board is at the service of all citizens with limited economic resources; In the same way as the aforementioned medical services, it is requested directly in the offices of the institution and once the requirement has been analyzed, its immediate use is arranged.

This service, is one of many that were never known to the community, the job is to reach the community, home, medical center, hospital, where the patient is and transport it where it requires, no matter the distance or city of destiny; The only requirement is that the patient is in a stable and safe state to travel.

Social work

The Social Work Area is a service that is provided to meet social health needs, to citizens who belong to the priority care group of the province of Chimborazo.

Prior to the delivery of technical assistance to vulnerable groups, the Social Worker proceeds to identify cases in the territory, going to each of the homes to collect information from people who need support and collaboration, which will allow them to cope with a coexistence more dignified

Child Development Centers

In coordination with the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion, the Board of Trustees of the Provincial Government maintains 18 children’s centers in different sectors of the Riobamba canton, around 799 infants attend the care and protection institutions, where they are treated with quality and professionalism, by 89 educators of integral child development.

The CDI, guarantee an optimal development of the minors, with the care given by professionals committed to the service to the children, keeping consideration for the physical, psychological and emotional integrity.

An average of 9 children are in the care of each educator, who provide quality care and nutrition, distributed in four daily intakes, which are prepared by professionals in the gastronomic area and backed by nutritionists.

Progressive Eradication of Child Labor

Among the tasks entrusted by the Prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, to the Board of Trustees of the Chimborazo Provincial Government, is the “Progressive Eradication of Child Labor” project, which is executed in agreement with the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion, in the header Cantonal of Riobamba, mainly in the markets; as well as in the Achupallas parish of the Alausí canton; two teams formed by social worker, psychologist and two promoters, work with children and adolescents, in a personalized way; as well as with home visits to each of the beneficiaries, and also with extracurricular activities (popular games and vacation colonies).

The prefect Juan Pablo Cruz, is supporting so that the children are part of the educational institutions, with the desire to cultivate future professionals; For the provincial authority, the more young people prepare, the better human beings will be at the service of citizens.


Among the priority assistance to vulnerable sectors, the work with the Elderly stands out, where 75 people have been identified and initiated, who with the help of professionals will improve their lifestyle. The task is to make contact with the children of adults, who have been abandoned and forgotten by their families.

Uniting the family, strengthening their ties and creating a commitment not to abandon their loved ones of old age, is the goal set.