Economic reactivation in Chimborazo with the “carnivals closest to the sun”

The “Carnivals Closest to the Sun”, will reactivate the economy of the entire province with dozens of artistic, cultural, corsican events, gastronomic and entrepreneurship fairs; as part of the festive agenda in the 10 cantons.

In Chimborazo, the “Closer to the Sun” Carnivals are celebrated, which allude to a traditional date for the mestizo culture and the Puruhá people. Concept taken according to the expedition carried out by the IGM (Military Geographic Institute) of Ecuador and the IRD (French Institute of Research for Development) of France in 2016, where they determined that the highest summit of Chimborazo is the furthest point taken from the center of the earth, therefore, it is interpreted that it is the closest point to the sun.

These celebrations of the Andean peoples are considered as ritual and festive events, associated with paying tribute and gratitude to production, life and the Pachamama, that is why, in the central highlands, the carnival festival is one of the activities important in the country, attracting the attention of thousands of national and foreign tourists for its wealth, culture and joy of its people.

For this 2022, through planning and in accordance with the current legal framework, USD 271,863.04 is invested, to comply with a broad agenda of activity that covers the 10 cantons and reactivates sectors, such as: event promoters, formal merchants and informal workers, artisans, carriers, entrepreneurs, gastronomic managers, hoteliers, small and medium-sized companies, among others.

Ángel Tapia Sánchez, president of the Chimborazo Dance Association, shares this reactivation initiative and expresses his joy at having the support of the provincial authority.

“We are happy and anxious for our culture to be reactivated (…) thanks to the ‘Carnivals closest to the Sun’, which the prefecture is promoting, after nearly two years of uncertainty, as a result of the global emergency (…) Juan Pablo Cruz , has had the good will with the Chimborazo Dance Association and cultural managers, to once again dress the streets of our city with joy; energizing the economy,” he said.

For his part, Fernando Sampedro, an artisan from the Guano canton, maintains that this is an opportunity for economic reactivation in a responsible manner, in these spaces that allow promoting the products that are manufactured in Chimborazo.

“The Prefecture of Chimborazo is giving us the facility so that, as artisans and producers, we can have these spaces where local consumption can be promoted (…) it has been two years that we have seen our businesses go bankrupt, abandoned and without reactivating ourselves. Now with the carnival events we are going to see the big difference (…) we invite people to come to Plaza Alfaro so that they know what Ecuadorians and Chimboracenses are capable of doing, we will have comfortable prices and everything direct from the producer to the consumer. ”, he expressed.

The artistic shows in the cantons are planned from Friday, February 25 to Monday, February 28, as follows:

Chunchi: Manolo and Tropicalisima (12h00) Pallatanga: Manolo and the Sonora Dynamite (5:00 p.m.) Cumandá: Manolo and the Sonora Dynamite (9:30 p.m.) Riobamba (Proclamation of parties): Riocity band – Manolo – Coraza Project (10:00 a.m.) Riobamba (Plaza Alfaro): Gastronomic and Craft Fair – Los Titos Orchestra (2:00 p.m.) Riobamba (Macají): Danny Osorio – Coraza Project – Daniel Calderón – Américo (6:00 p.m.) Alausí: Karina Caiza – Mariela Condo – Gerardo Morán (10:00 a.m.) Chambo: Tropicalisima and La Toquilla (3:00 p.m.) Penipe: Cumbancheros (3:00 p.m.) Guamote: Gerardo Morán – Castillo (3:00 p.m.) Guano: Ecumbiando (6:00 p.m.) Colta: Choirs (3:00 p.m.)

National and foreign tourists will be able to be part of the traditions, cultural values and all this party that awakens the carnival spirit of all Chimboracenses.

“Our projection is that people from all over the world are the main actors in this economic reactivation, demonstrating that in Chimborazo there are entrepreneurs, producers and artisans who will participate in the fair. It will surely be a new beginning for the revitalization of the economy”, said Nancy Proaño, representative of the entrepreneurs “Somos Chimborazo”.

For Edith Guanga, who maintains the gastronomic tradition in the Bayushig parish of the Penipe canton for more than 60 years, she pointed out that it is a good initiative for the families of the canton; “In those big events, we look for an income for our families, due to the pandemic we are paralyzed and little by little we have been reactivating ourselves and what better with this type of programs that are carried out in Chimborazo.”

Thanks to the articulation of actions between the public, private, community sectors and associations, which make up the Provincial Tourism Management Committee of Chimborazo, activities are carried out throughout the territory, with strict compliance with biosecurity measures and that the “Carnivals Closest to the Sun” are developed responsibly.