Responsible for the Child Development Center “Las Hormiguitas” make home visits to reinforce educational tasks

The educators of the CDI “Las Hormiguitas” of the Provincial Board of Trustees, in coordination with the MIES, carry out recreational and recreational activities, through telework and home visits, once a week, to advance the process of comprehensive child development of boys and girls 1 to 3 years old. “Las Hormiguitas” is located inside the Agricultural Producers Market “San Pedro de Riobamba”.

Lilian Parra, educator of the Provincial Board of Trustees explained that, through video calls and contacts through WhatsApp, playful and recreational tasks are sent to parents so that they can do them with their children.

We also work on exercises that motivate the families of children to consume healthy food with simple recipes to prepare and share as a family, to take care of health and hygiene and to have protective spaces where infants feel comfortable and happy. .

In the same way, emphasis is placed on the development of different early stimulation activities, such as: manifestation of verbal and non-verbal language, using a story and songs; development of gross motor skills, through a dance to exercise the body; fine motor skills with different graphic plastic techniques, in this case, fingerprint painting.

For November 17 and 19, it is scheduled to carry out a comprehensive medical control to the users of the CDI “Las Hormiguitas”, in coordination with the MSP, through the Health Center No. 3 where they will be treated in the areas of dentistry, general medicine and hemoglobin control.