Secondary channel linings improve agricultural production in Chambo and Colta

The Chimborazo prefecture, in order to provide a better service to users of the “El Carmen” Irrigation System, located in the Asatús sector of the Chambo canton, delivered construction materials such as river sand, gravel and cement; The same that are used to carry out the lining works of the channel that is approximately 2 km long; This intervention makes it possible to improve the agricultural production of 47 hectares of land, benefiting 200 families who use the area.

Similar coating works are carried out in the Sicalpa – Los Gatazos Irrigation System, in Colta, in this sector the intervention comprises in phases, in the first one it is 2 km away, benefiting 225 users from the Chachaguan, Pucará, Gatazo communities Elena, Gatazo Zambrano, Gatazo Chico and Gatazo Grande, are 20 hectares of productive land to which the water will arrive with a better flow.

Héctor Zambrano, irrigation technician, said that this work optimizes the water resource, the flow reaches the plots in its entirety and faster, “we are verifying the good use of the materials that the prefecture delivered, to carry out these works,” he said. . Damián Calles, beneficiary of the Asatus cantón Chambo community, pointed out that thanks to the decision of the prefect, this project that we have been asking for for many years becomes a reality, “With this support we have a better production and most importantly the whole family is dedicated to the Agriculture”.

For his part, Pedro Rea Cuvi, president of the Sicalpa – Los Gatazos Irrigation System (take two), recognized the institutional management to benefit farmers. “This improves our production and the living conditions of our people,” he pointed out.

The cladding works are carried out in various cantons of Chimborazo, improving the service for the thousands of users who benefit from these works.