Secondary channel linings improve agricultural production in Punín

In order to provide a better service to users of the Chambo Irrigation System, Guano, Los Chingazos, the prefecture of Chimborazo performs the lining of secondary channels in several joints throughout this space.

In the Punín parish of Riobamba canton, the institution delivered materials for the lining of the secondary channels belonging to the San Isidro Capilla board, in a length that reaches 2,000 meters, improving the agricultural production of 60 hectares and benefiting 128 user families.

A similar intervention was carried out in the San Isidro Alto Toma 8 board, where the lining of 2 km of the canal was executed, covering 98 hectares of irrigation, strengthening the economy of 264 users who live from agricultural production.

“With these works we optimize the water resource, the flow reaches the plots in its entirety and faster (…) there is no longer any filtration, the farmers are the beneficiaries of these works”, indicated Nelly Alvarado, Irrigation technician.

For his part, Luis Pinduisaca, user of the San Isidro Board, acknowledged that the work will allow the water to reach the land in its entirety. “We no longer have to be cleaning the canal all the time.

The lining works are carried out in 18 joints along the Chambo – Guano Irrigation System, Los Chingazos, improving the service for the thousands of users who benefit from this project.