Road attention will continue in Llagos parish, Chunchi

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Public Works Directorate, through a dialogue it held with leaders and residents of the Llagos parish, belonging to the Chunchi canton, reported on the progress of the road works that have been carried out in the area, which it is within the more than 40 kilometers intervened so far in the province.

“All Chimborazo needed a Prefect who does not offer what cannot be fulfilled (…) always analyzing and planning to be able to serve each sector, that is the objective, in Llagos we have managed to attend some sections, there is a lack, and a lot, but in that we are putting together the second phase, ”said Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo.

During the first phase, the road system that needs to be intervened and the road openings have been identified in a technical and strategic way. “So far we have served 40 kilometers of roads, in a year six months, with 7 months of pandemic and 1 of unemployment (…) I put aside the number and the shirt and I get to work to generate work, tourism, production and without migration, “he said.

Leaders and residents affirmed that the Llagos y Chunchi parish, in general, have remained neglected by previous administrations and now recognize the initiative of the new administration of the Provincial Government.

“Thank you, Mr. Prefect for being part of your work, we know that you are always aware of the entire province, our needs are extensive, but we know that you must attend to all the cantons and Parish Governments, that is why we understand that your analysis is important (… ) forgotten for several years this parish has always been, for that now we thank him ”, concluded Fabián Bernal, president of the Llagos Parish GAD.