Road maintenance in the Punsupala-Batán community, Puela parish of the Penipe canton

The Chimborazo Prefecture maintains the road in the community of Punsupala – Batán, belonging to the Puela parish of the Penípe canton, which has a length of 7 km to benefit more than 200 families.

“There is personnel and a road team in the Penípe canton, road maintenance of 7 km is being carried out with a motor grader, roller, loader, dump truck and a water tanker, with a 6-meter gauge and an investment of $ 12,000 dollars ”, indicated Marco Paguay, Technician of the Directorate of Public Works.

For his part, Sebastián Brito, member of the Puela Parish Board, expressed his gratitude to the Chimborazo Prefecture for the management that it has been carrying out, “I want to thank because the machinery is giving a good usufruct, the roads are going to find better conditions that will allow accessibility for farmers and tourism in general ”, he said.

These road works will prevent damage to the cargo vehicles and shorten the arrival times of the products, for this reason it is not mistreated when transporting it to Riobamba, “I am grateful for the machinery that provides road maintenance, since they are development paths that we It connects everywhere, thank you very much Mr. Prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz for continuing to provide support, ”Brito mentioned.

And Oscar Tibán, beneficiary of the sector, concludes by pointing out, “this road was destroyed by the rain, now it is good to travel with cars, since they are not damaged there, it was with potholes and ravines, stones left. Now it helps us to get agricultural products; tomato and corn, which are taken to the Riobamba wholesale market for sale ”.