Road maintenance works in Pungalá communities progress

The Chimborazo prefecture, through the Public Works Directorate, carries out the intervention of 15 km of road maintenance in the communities of the Pungalá parish, in the Riobamba canton.


In the first section, 5 km were executed with patching and ballasting of the critical parts in the Purhuay Llactapamba, Purhuay San Gerardo and Shanaycún communities, benefiting more than 180 families directly.


“The road team has worked for a month in this parish, in several sections that have been totally destroyed, the purpose is to leave the roads in good condition so that the inhabitants of this parish can circulate without any problem and transport their products to the main cities in the country, ”said Marco Paguay, Provincial Government Public Works technician.


For their part, in the Purhuay San Gerardo to Niño Loma communities, cleaning, patching, repairing of ditches and ballasting in critical sectors were carried out, in a length of 10 km, benefiting more than 300 families from 6 communities.


“Before, no authority had worked on these roads, we couldn’t get the products out to sell in the market, we only used our animals to get around (…) today we have a road in good condition, our people can go out to the city in vehicles and carry out their activities without any problem, ”said Melchor Baño, president of the Apuñag community.


The internal roads of the Daldal and Anguinay communities were also improved, benefiting more than 300 families in the area.


“In my community there are a good number of elderly people, who cannot walk out, with the arrangement of this road the transport companies already reach our communities and that is very good,” he said.

Benedicto Mishqui, president of the Niño Loma community.