Actions are articulated for equity in Chimborazo

The Prefecture of Chimborazo implemented the new management model, based on three main axes: family and citizenship; environment and water; productivity and employment.

The gender table is framed in the axis of family and citizenship, through which they have worked in a coordinated and inter-institutional way to present the population with an agenda for March, the month of women.

The first event with which the agenda started was the provincial forum “Gender and climate change”, with presentations related to the situation of women in the province, the impact of climate change on women’s lives, economic rights in the context post – pandemic, and at the end work tables were held, analyzing conclusions and proposals for the province.

Karina Ponce, from Mega Mujeres and speaker at the forum, highlighted the active participation of the attendees to discuss the substantive issues for what will be the provincial gender and climate change agenda; the same one that must be centered on the needs of urban and rural women.

Keyla Ayala, a student at the “Nuestra Señora de Fátima” Educational Unit, said that this forum helped them as students to better appreciate the reality of women, both in the countryside and in the city; “We do a lot in this world and we must not give up in the fight for our rights,” she said.

For her part, Vicenta Sánchez highlighted the importance of rural women, “we feel and work the land, we are brave women, workers, administrators of all the knowledge in the field and we must be more valued,” she said.

Juan Pablo Cruz, Prefect of the Province of Chimborazo, in his intervention stated that the new management model is bearing fruit, because it works on rights for young people, people with disabilities and women; “The work that we carry out in the province is generating an impact at a social level, the positive struggles that we generate for our society seek to achieve more equitable and fair conditions, always remembering that behind every right that is spoken of there is a responsibility,” he indicated.