Actions are taken to avoid damage to agriculture and livestock in Chimborazo

Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo; Carmen Gadvay, vice-prefect and Lourdes Mancero, mayor of Penipe; they held a meeting with Rommel Bentacourt, Executive Director Agrocalidad and Cristian Zambrano, General Coordinator of Health and Animal; with the aim of reaffirming the commitment to cooperation and strengthening the productive sector of the province, thanks to the work carried out to prevent the entry of ‘African swine fever’ and the ‘R4T’ fungus.

Plague is a highly contagious viral disease that specifically affects pigs, but it is not dangerous for humans; while the fungus is considered destructive to agriculture; That is why, with the cooperation between institutions, it is intended to prevent farmers and ranchers from suffering serious economic losses.

In this first meeting, the works that the provincial government carries out in the territory in favor of the 10 cantons and the 45 Parish Councils were socialized and an analysis of the current situation was carried out. “The flea market is in an unsuitable place and without a corresponding planning, causing vehicular traffic,” said Juan Pablo Cruz.

For her part, Lourdes Mancero, mayor of Penipe, referred to a plague that would be affecting the production of tree tomato in that canton and requested the pertinent attention to be able to combat it, fortunately it has not yet expanded, in addition, she brought to the attention of the authorities the lack of a trace square in the canton.

The representative of Agrocalidad, invited to work together with all sectors of society and promised to analyze all orders made, to prevent agricultural and livestock work from suffering the ravages of diseases in animals and crops.

“It is very important to work in partnership to address these new challenges in matters of plant health and animal health (…) with this, give the necessary guarantees to consumers that the products they are consuming from these areas are nutritious and healthy,” concluded Rommel Betancourt.