Monitoring and technical assistance of the project: “Socio-economic strengthening of families in priority care groups” of suckling pigs in Cumandá

Technicians of the Provincial Board of the Project “Socio-economic Strengthening of the families of priority care groups” and technicians of the Mobile Agro-Veterinary Clinic of the Productive Development Directorate, carried out the monitoring and verification of 150 piglets that were delivered in recent days the Cumandá canton to the vulnerable families of the precincts: Guagal, Sacramento and Copalillo. Aurelio Espinoza, responsible for the Project, announced that, “the control and revision of pigs has been complied with, mainly their adaptation to the environment has been observed and where a specimen with respiratory problems could be detected, for which the use of antibiotics. The rest of the pigs are in good condition, ”he said. In the same way, everything concerning hygiene and health was verified, “since it must be permanent because this way the accumulation of mosquitoes can be avoided,” said Espinoza. And the beneficiary families were advised of the importance of applying dewormers and vitamins for the proper development of breeding Yorkshire piglets. A new visit is planned for the next few days to continue monitoring and technical assistance to the piglets.