The campaign “Sow For Life Chimborazo” reaches the northeastern neighborhoods of Riobamba

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Environmental Management Directorate, delivers 1,000 plants between native and fruit trees to neighborhoods belonging to the board of irrigators of the Piscines of the Riobamba canton, framed within the campaign “Siembra Por La Vida Chimborazo”.

“We appreciate the support of the Prefecture, the machinery has been here in these spaces that we needed to open sections for entry, but if we need more, we know that it will not be from one day to the next, but I am sure that the authorities will help (…) now with these little plants we improve our areas, ”said Patricio Gunsha, president of the Los Piscines neighborhood.

For his part, Luis Peñafiel, project coordinator of the Environmental Management Directorate of the Chimborazo Prefecture, explained about the objectives of the campaign and the strategic works that are managed for the well-being of Chimborazo.

“We always do these efforts well planned, knowing in the territory what is happening in our beloved province, this is for you who are going to help us recover Chimborazo,” Peñafiel explained.

It is planned to continue with these deliveries in other sectors within this first phase, the objective is to cover all of Chimborazo.