The Campaign “Sowing for Life Chimborazo” delivers native plants and fruit trees in Pistishi

Carmen Gadvay, vice-prefect of Chimborazo, visited the Pistishi parish of the Alausí canton where she delivered native plants and fruit trees to the communities of this sector, through the Campaign “Sowing for Life Chimborazo” which aims to improve the vegetation cover of the land and protect the water system in this sector. There are 1000 fruit plants and 1300 native plants that were delivered to 70 families from the Tolte community.

The Vice-prefect of Chimborazo thanked the inhabitants of this place for being present at this event, stressed that the Provincial Government continues to work for the communities of this canton, “we are here to continue working together with you, you are not alone companions. We have brought the health van, food kits, and tanker to this parish and now we come with plants to reforest the lands, ”said Carmen Gadvay.

Luis Peñafiel, delegate of the Directorate of Environmental Management, said that “the objective of the Prefecture is to green our fields, so the campaign” Sow for life Chimborazo “has delivered a large number of plants throughout the province, today We are going to deliver fruit species such as: orange, avocado, custard apple, soursop and native species such as; red alder, cedar and pumamaqui so that you can take care of them and make these beautiful valleys green, ”he said.

In turn, Narcisa Sauce, member of the Pistishi parish GAD thanked the Prefect of Chimborazo for the support he is giving to this parish and its communities, stressed that before they had no support, but the new administration is meeting the people who need it most. from the province. “Thank you, Mr. Prefect for all the support you give us,” he mentioned.

And Fernando Moina, president of the Irrigation Water Board, congratulated the Prefect for the work he does throughout the province, ”Chimborazo has 45 parish councils and this young authority is supporting all of them equally, that is worth highlighting, congratulations Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz because that is the work that must always be done, united and supporting the neediest peoples, “he said.