The Chimborazo Prefecture automates the Chambo-Guano Irrigation System

The Chimborazo Prefecture, in coordination with the technicians of the Irrigation Directorate, carried out the automation of the Chambo-Guano Irrigation System boards. Boards were placed in this investment to guarantee a more efficient, effective and caring process for our springs. 112 joints benefit throughout the 55 km that this system runs.

Alex Valente, technician in charge of the Irrigation System, pointed out “what has been installed in the intake system is a control panel for gates, this serves to regulate the level of water that is delivered to the 10,000 users who benefit from this system”.

“With this automation we have permanent control of the water in order to guarantee quality water to users all the time,” said Ángel Ambi, head of the Chambo-Guano Irrigation System.

Another of the works being carried out simultaneously in this sector is the cleaning of the old irrigation canal that was abandoned for a long time, in Juntuz.

José Ruiz, president of the Irrigation Board of Juntuz, Licto parish, thanked the new administration, which supports the development of these communities. “Thank you Mr. Prefect for this help and allow our families to be calm, that our children and young people have sources of employment in agriculture,” he mentioned.