The Chimborazo Prefecture delivers 3,000 native and fruit plants to 7 communities in Colta

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Environmental Management Directorate, continues in the execution of the first phase of the campaign “Siembra por la Vida Chimborazo”; in a formal ceremony where 3,000 native and fruit plants were delivered to 7 communities in sector 4 of the Sicalpa parish, Colta canton.

“To give life back to Pachamama, which for now we see that it is deteriorated, that is our goal, let’s see how our lands, the countryside, the province are, and take into account that Chimborazo is one of the most recognized areas and it cannot continue like this ”, Indicated Alfredo Chuquimarca, Director of Environmental Management.

Greening the entire province, which is sorely lacking, is among the objectives of the campaign, in addition, with fruit species, families in these areas will have the opportunity to boost their economy.

“Thanks to these little plants we will be able to give life to our field, breathe a cleaner air, never before have the authorities helped us like this,” said Ambelina Yucailla, president of the Iconambay community.

According to residents, this type of aid has waited for several years because they saw their lands unprotected and lifeless, which is essential in the countryside