The Chimborazo Prefecture delivers food kits to vulnerable groups of the Pisicaz community

Through the Directorate of Social Management and Provincial Board of Chimborazo, we proceeded with the delivery of 100 food kits to the vulnerable groups of the Pisicaz community of the San Juan parish of Riobamba canton.

The distribution of the food rations was complied with respecting the biosafety regulations, the use of masks and social distancing, taking care of the health of the inhabitants of the community.
Gloria Vásconez, a technician from the Social Management Directorate, highlighted the concern and interest of the Chimborazo Prefecture in continuing to ensure the well-being and tranquility of the priority care groups, “we arrived with these food kits thanks to the coordination of Iveth Espinoza, Sumak Sisa, who managed this contribution for people in a state of vulnerability in this community ”, he indicated.

Francisco Haro, technician of the Provincial Board of Trustees, said that this delivery is intended for the elderly, people with disabilities, single mothers and orphaned children.

Meanwhile, Iveth Espinoza, Sumak Sisa, from the San Juan parish, thanked the Prefect of the province, Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, for his generosity and support to the inhabitants of the Pisicaz community, “I made the request to the Prefecture of Chimborazo , and I immediately received a positive response to be able to serve my people, who need so much, and more, in these times of health crisis, “he said.

On her side, Balbina Pingos, wife of the president of the Pisicaz community, also expressed an emotional gratitude to the Prefect of Chimborazo, “God pay you with all my heart, on behalf of all the community members.”