The Chimborazo Prefecture carries out the delivery of native plants and fruit trees in the Guamote canton in order to improve air quality and biodiversity in degraded areas

The Vice Prefect of Chimborazo, Carmen Gadbay, arrived in the San Francisco de Poma Chaca community, Palmira Parish, to deliver 3,100 native plants and fruit trees for the “Siembra Por la Vida” campaign, in the company of the Environmental Management Department. of the Prefecture. Among the species received by the community are; Piquil, Higuerón, Lupina, Taxo and Mora. These plants will serve to live in a better ecosystem and have an excellent biodiversity in the Province of Chimborazo.

There are more than 200 beneficiaries from the communities; Loma Follan and San Carlos de Tipín.

Avelino Caranqui, President of the San Alfonso de Tío Cajas Community, said with a message of gratitude “It is worthy to thank Mr. Prefect, he is helping us to plant plants, he is water for our future. Thank you for supporting the people of the countryside because the countryside is wealth ”.

On the other hand, in the afternoon the second delivery of 15,200 native plants and fruit trees of the following species was made; Aliso Rojo Piquil, Higuerón, Lupina, Taxo and Mora, of which more than 1,200 families from the communities; Santa Teresita, Sablog San José, Sablog Santa Rosa, Tiocajas, Pull Grande, Pull Quishuar, Chacaza Irrigation Board and Tejar Balbanera Potable Water Board, which belong to the Guamote Canton, are the beneficiaries of this great project