The Chimborazo Prefecture offers free telemedicine consultations

Doctors from the “B” type Health Center of the Chimborazo Prefecture Board of Trustees, continue to provide uninterrupted care to the people of La Rioja and Chimboraca, in daily consultations using free telemedicine.
Luis Naranjo, head of Health Services of the Provincial Board, reported that they are available to chimboracenses, medical services, in general medicine, dentistry, obstetrics and psychology. “We are active, since the beginning of the health emergency, we have not stopped, our health professionals are always ready to serve those who require it, now also, through phone calls, they are attending,” he recalled.
He stressed that patients treated by telemedicine, according to the medical diagnosis, are referred to the “B” Health Center of the Board of Trustees of the Chimborazo Provincial Government, where they receive free medicine, where appropriate.
The health professionals who attend free telemedicine are the following: Valeria García, general medicine, cell number, 0979302145; Tahís González, clinical psychology, 0998862140; Luis Naranjo, dentistry, 0995537447, Kátherin Sánchez, obstetrics, 0967960305 and Alexandra Pérez, dentistry, 0999191692.


Redacción: Arturo Lara