Through training processes the Prefecture of Chimborazo supports entrepreneurs in the province in several communities.

On this occasion the beneficiaries were the dairy producers of the Llinllín Santa Fe community of the Colta canton, who work in the production and processing of milk, with a volume of 800 to 1500 liters per day for the production of fresh cheese and cheese, products that are marketed in various parts of the province and in the city of Guayaquil.

One of the objectives of the current provincial administration, led by the prefect Juan I speak Cruz is to improve the management of the raw material that is milk, for this reason 69 community representatives received this training.

During the day there were improvements, both in the control during milking and in the hygienic use of utensils, staff hygiene, adequate transport of milk, in the processing and processing of their products.

In this way, the Chimborazo Prefecture through the Economic Improvement Unit provides support, monitoring and training for quality improvement in community dairy chains, promoting the capacity of entrepreneurs and ensuring the marketing of quality products.

Drafting: Diego Moncayo