The Chimborazo Prefecture works interinstitutionally in the sector of the stream, Las Abras

The Chimborazo Prefecture supports directly and objectively the problem of the Abras stream. Through an inter-institutional technical table with the representatives of the Secretary of Risk Management, Ombudsman’s Office, Ministry of the Environment and Water, Senagua, Government, Municipality of Guano and Riobamba, together with the Directorate of Environmental Management of the Prefecture, They analyzed the current situation in this sector and established a roadmap of actions for the benefit of the more than 400 families that live in this area.

Unanimously, the institutions undertook to delimit the natural hydraulic axis, the riverbanks and the water protection plant, the Planning Directorates of the Decentralized Autonomous Governments of the Guano and Riobamba cantons will review the use of the land, will carry out the cleaning of urban solid waste and rubble, will verify the legality of the properties, and the restructuring of the technical table will be carried out by the provincial institution.

Alfredo Chuquimarca, director of Environmental Management of the Prefecture, limited the commitment that as an institution will be provided for joint actions for the benefit of the residents of the sector. “We assume the restructuring of this technical table to establish the conclusions, specific proposals and emerging activities. Our commitment is with the citizens, we will verify if they have the environmental permits and management plans ”, he said.

The Prefecture accepts the requests of the residents with the aim of providing the necessary contingent, through joint work, articulating the actions requested by the Citizen Collective. The leaders of the different affected neighborhoods participated in this meeting to send their requests to the existing problem.

María Inés Brito, resident of the San Antonio de las Abras neighborhood, expressed her gratitude for the intervention of the Chimborazo Prefecture in cleaning the creek. In turn, he made a request so that greater control could be had, “before the pandemic the part of the stream was cleaned, many thanks to the Prefect and the staff, now it is being intervened again and we are sure of having the support ”, He stressed.

The Chimborazo Prefecture, always thinking about the citizens, will manage the pertinent actions that allow them to have a better quality of life for the inhabitants and maintain the conservation of the natural resources of the province.