The Directorate of Social Management of the Prefecture of Chimborazo monitors potato and pasture projects for planting in Colta

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Social Management Directorate, together with community leaders from Liglig, La Vaquería and Santa Rosa de Culluctus from the Sicalpa parish, Colta canton, carried out the follow-up of projects coordinated with other Directorates of the institution. The Productive Development Directorate delivered certified potato and pasture seeds for sowing, as well as fertilizers for their application with their respective technical assistance. And the Directorate of Environmental Management delivered native plants and fruit trees and works on the recovery of soils.

The sector promotes the productive work of women, youth and farmers in rural communities, to the rescue of values, especially the Raymis.


Eleven bags of certified potato seed were delivered and distributed among 54 heads of household, benefiting 2,000 people. Certified grass seed was also delivered, covering a sowing area for a total of 20 hectares.


In this regard, Jorge Yépez, president of the La Vaquería community, thanks him for the technical support provided and Mr. Prefect for his help in managing the seed for the planting of certified Chola potatoes, through the Social Management Department.


On the other hand, Segundo Manuel Guaylla Cajo, trustee and president of the Irrigation Board of the La Vaquería community, thanked Mr. Prefect because he is always working with some projects, he not only worries about the potato issue. It also supports grass seeds for agricultural and livestock production, with minor species and cows.


Finally, Segundo Ortiz, president of UODIG, an organization with 14 communities in the sector, indicates that he is excited with the Prefect for having taken the organization into account and supported with 15 quintals of fertilizer, delivered to all communities.