The Prefecture of Chimborazo delivers 1,200 chickens, balanced and seedling species

One of the unique initiatives promoted by the Chimborazo Prefecture is to encourage and promote the mitigation of Chronic Child Malnutrition in children under 5 years of age, for this reason in the Yanacocha community, Sicalpa parish, belonging to the Colta canton, in coordination With the Directorate of Social Management, 1,200 chickens, balanced and seedling species were delivered to the partners of 20 community organizations that belong to this canton, beneficiaries of the Socio-Economic project “Child Nutrition – Family”, which aims to improve the living conditions of infants, mothers and fathers of the province.

Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of the province, ratified the commitment to continue working with the vulnerable groups of this canton, “we are injecting, at a time of crisis, a popular economy for the population and even more, a canton that always requires support and support from the authorities with a social conscience. Beyond the issue of climate, weather, cold, hunger for rain, human quality prevails and the need to invest in human talent in people, “he said.

Martha Chucho, coordinator of Social Management, announced that in the Yanacocha community of the Colta canton, the Socio-Economic project was delivered, in addition to equality and non-discrimination of women and men in the province. “These activities are done to commemorate Non-Violence against Women and Interculturality. This is in order to build an intercultural province of the Puruwa people ”, he stressed. Rosa Guaylla, resident of the Yanacocha community, thanked the Prefect of Chimborazo for this support. “Thank you for helping our enterprise that serves to improve the economy of our entire family,” he mentioned. Pascual Caiza, president of Yanacocha, said that, for the first time, a Project has reached this community that will benefit people with low economic resources, “I thank everyone because they have always been working for the benefit of the community in roads, agriculture , production ”.