The Prefecture of Chimborazo, the Municipality of Guano and the parochial GAD of Guanando present in the expansion of the La Providencia-Guanando-Cahuají Bajo-Baños road

The Chimborazo Prefecture, represented by Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect, was present together with Eng. Raúl Cabrera, mayor of the Municipality of Guano and Desiderio Diaz, president of the Guanando parish GAD, in the delivery of 7km of extension of the La Providencia-Guanando-Cahuají Bajo-Baños road. In total there are 10km of track and this work is jointly between the 3 institutions.

Desiderio Diaz, president of the Guanando parish GAD, stated that “on September 27 a very important event for the Santiago de Guanando parish took place, the delivery of the ballast work of the La Providencia-Guanando-Cahuají Bajo road was carried out. Baths that are of vital importance for the parish and the province. Never in history has it been intervened, but it could be crystallized thanks to the political will of the governments: provincial, cantonal and parochial, which have joined forces to carry out this work ”.

This road connects Baños more quickly, saving considerable time in the distance. In addition, it is a strategic point as an access road to the East, connected to the provinces of Chimborazo, Tungurahua and Pastaza.

The inhabitants of this parish survive on agriculture and this road serves as access to transport, more agilely, their products and reactivate the economy of the sector reaching other provinces and promoting the social, tourist and economic part of the parish.

1,000 families from the province of Chimborazo and also from Tungurahua and Pastaza benefit from this work.

In Guanando fruits such as: avocado, peach, mirabeles, queen claudia, custard apple, among others are grown. And the purple alfalfa seed is produced in large quantities. On the other hand, in Cahuají there are 500 hectares where corn and pastures for cattle, meat and milk are grown.