The Prefecture of Chimborazo, under the campaign “Sow for Life Chimborazo”, delivers plants to the Puesetus Grande Flores community

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Environmental Management Directorate, in the presence of the Prefect and Vice-Prefect, delivered to the members of the Potable Water Board of the Puesetus Grande Parroquia Flores community, of the Riobamba canton, a total of 700 native plants. Between them; 350 from Tilo, 200 from Red Aliso and 150 from Arrayán, also 300 Taxo plants that correspond to fruit plants for the development of the communities in this sector.

“There was no provincial ordinance, we have done that in the first year of administration … The intention, will and thought of the Chimborazo that we all want will be sown, a green, productive Chimborazo, with water and protected with the environment “, said the Prefect.

José Guamán, president of the Potable Water Board of the Puesetus Grande Flores community, welcomed and thanked the authorities of the province, highlighted that it is the first time they have visited this community to work together for the progress of our communities.

The President of the Autonomous Decentralized Government of the Flores Parish, Juan Carlos Ilvis, thanked Mr. Prefect for the works that are being carried out in the community, “we have seen the commitment to continue supporting the people who need the most and we are sure that it will continue with that decision, ”he said.

“The campaign“ Siembra por la Vida Chimborazo ”has been a successful strategy of our authority in allocating the corresponding budgets to execute it and that it intends to green our province,” said Alfredo Chuquimarca, Director of Environmental Management, who announced that the delivery of these plants is carried out in a planned manner.